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@art.is.coming.collective is a political movement, that hosts events in the name of protest, love and inclusivity.  AIC was founded during the Summer of 2022, out of the fear of the Cost of Living Crisis and how that was going to affect the working class and minority groups withing that IE the LGBTQIA+ community and POC. It is heavily inspired by current affairs and politics, which affect people globally, but more particularly in the UK.


We believe in making change through art and how everything we do as humans, that is made out of love, is art an form.

We want to encourage everyone to make and create, despite where you are from. Sometimes it is hard to pick up a paint brush, you doubt your craft, especially if you are from poorer economic backgrounds, because money can enhance most creations and take off the pressure.

Our collective was created to encourage those who are from poorer beginnings to put money to the side, to create out of items you already have, because creating anything is better than not starting at all.

Our goal is to bring freedom to the world. Love and art too. TO ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO LIVE THEIR LIVES AS A GIANT PERFORMANCE. YOU ARE ART and we hope to show the world how to find beauty in every day.


We aim to put on events and by doing this bring together the community. We have worked in various capacities and with different venues, which you can see on the other pages; these include The Tate Liverpool, VF Dalston, Antwerp Mansion and The Love Factroy. We hope to keep being sustainable and self built, creating opportunities for our collective to apply their creativity in different capacities.  

Art is news

Art is truth

Art is lies

Art is good

Art is bad

Art is funny

Art is serious

Art is political

Art is fluid

Art is understanding

Art is understandable

Art it crazy

Art is calming

Art is for fun

Art is for work

Art is for love

Art is for hate

Art is for you

Art is for everyone

Art is needed

Art is recovery

Art is therapy

Art is education

Art is what we all need

Art is for us all to find

Art is free

Art costs so much

Art costs me dinners

Art costs me days

Art costs me tears

Art makes me happy

Art makes me free

Art is what makes me, me!

Art is here

Art is there

Art is where you need it most

Art is modest

Art is naked

Art is all in your head

Art is pen and paper

Art is paint

Art is photographs

Art is you!

You are it.

After all what art can be,

Art is coming!